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Engage with students inside and outside of the classroom via their preferred medium, mobile!

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Replace old systems, like paper assignments, Moodle, and other LMS's, with EXLskills for free today!

Robust Platform & Content

Use EXLskills' content directly, or intuitively author, deliver, and track your own adaptive learning in real-time!

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100% Free Hosted Solution

Above all else, don't fear any setup, license, or maintenance costs! EXLskills is a free online platform for all of the World's learning and anyone can get started in under 60-seconds creating and delivering their own courses - online or offline! This is our commitment to education!

Free Content Ready-to-go

One of the reasons instructors love EXLskills so much is that you no longer need to purchase or create your own content! Just use our built-in library of courses or simply plug-in another content source, like YouTube or Vimeo, to leverage major libraries of free and high-quality content! You can also create and share your own interactive and adaptive content via the EXLskills platform!

Include Content from any Source

Would you like to be able to share YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and more in a clean, focused, and tracked learning environment? EXLskills enables you to do just that with content plug-ins to cover all of your requried formats and more, while also collecting valuable interaction data to see how students are using your resources!

Create Personalized Adaptive Lessons

Use our adaptive lessons plug-in to create lessons that teach themselves to each student, automatically, online! You create the learning path, add or select the content that you'd like to use, and click assign - it's that easy to create adaptive learning with EXLskills!

Easily Create, Schedule, and Grade Assignments

Let EXLskills manage the schedule, grading, and notifications for all of your assignments so that you can focus on what you do best - teaching! Additionally, the EXLskills automated system can be overridden to enter scores and due-dates manually at any time, giving you total control!

Limitless Opportunities with EXLskills Plug-ins

Every day we're working to add more and more functionality to EXLskills to help make your experience even better! You can also get in touch with us via the chat window if you would like to join our early access developer program to write applications and plug-ins for the EXLskills ecosystem!

Engage With Students where they already are – on their mobile phones!

Today, more and more students are using their mobile devices as their primary device for accessing the internet, so why aren't our learning systems made for mobile use? EXLskills ensures that you can seamlessly communicate with students via their preferred channels, such as SMS and mobile to keep them up-to-date and engaged!

Invite Your Students with a Simple Join Link

Don't worry about administrative tasks! With EXLskills, all your students join within seconds from their mobile via the class' Join Code or Join Link that you can also send ahead of time! This is part of what makes EXLskills so easy to get started with!

Track Student Performance

Including everything from time spent on a specific part of an assignment, through the number of attempts, and final scores, EXLskills provides a detailed lens through which you can analyze student performance.

Setup In Under 60-seconds

That's our promise. Try EXLskills now, and you'll be setup within one-minute! It's totally free, and you'll be enjoying the features of EXLskills as soon as possible! No more worries about lengthy installations or setups!

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