Installing Local Docker

Docker-Based Dev Environment

Installing Local Docker

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Turn Your Box Into a Docker Host

Docker should come pre-installed on every machine. Remember the controversy of prepackaging browsers into OS? So, we have to install Docker by hand. Not particularly difficult, except that Docker versions, packaging and installation procedures are Operating System-specific (relatively to the OS on your box) and change frequently.

Check the Docker Website for the latest installation instructions. As the minimum, install Docker Community Edition Engine and Docker Compose. Keep in mind that Docker by itself takes up some machine resources, so on a 4GB (bare minimum) laptop you probably should avoid running extra docker software other than the engine daemon.

On Linux, for convenience, configure non-root access to Docker CLI.

Installing On Windows Subsystem For Linux

On Windows, you may run Windows Subsystem For Linux and install Docker. This configuration and its installation details are not in scope of the course.

Next, making sure the Git skill is at the required professional level. Those who can't Git simply can't be called developers these days.

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