Installing MongoDB Compass

Docker-Based Dev Environment

Installing MongoDB Compass

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MongoDB "GUI"

MongoDB Compass is a great tool to view and manage your MongoDB databases. Must have in the development process.

There are, surely, other tools that enable GUI-like access to MongoDB. Compass should be perfect for this course and for professional work - it can be used on any laptop OS platform, it is free and provides quite a range of functionality, including Index management and Query Performance analysis.

Note for Windows Users

Sure enough, there are some complications when using MongoDB Compass on Windows - surprise, surprise. If you leave Compass running and your box gets caught in a Windows self-reboot (a seemingly unpreventable design disaster) - Compass won't start ever again… Unless you manually kill "The MongoDB GUI" process via Windows Task Manager. The issue seems to be on the Compass side: some background process remains running unless the tool is exited via the "Connect"->"Exit" menu, and it prevents the tool from starting up again.

Ok, this completes our dev workstation setup - moving on to the Demo Use Case and Project review

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