Generating Client GraphQL Schema

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npm run update-schema

As explained in the "GraphQL Data API" chapter, Relay framework assumes that at design time the GraphQL schema is put together on the GraphQL server and then a relevant portion of it is made available to GraphQL client developers. On the client, the schema.graphql file is used by the client-side Relay JS packages.

To generate schema.graphql, in node-dev container's shell:

npm run update-schema

As per package.json scripts, the update-schema command is run, which executes scripts/updateSchema.js. Per scripts/updateSchema.js, the resulting schema extract goes to src/schema.graphql.

Distribute src/schema.graphql to the Relay JS clients. Should be repeated whenever anything changes in the server's GraphQL schema.

Literally, that's all. We are done. Congratulations!

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