Developer Skill Set Prerequisites

Introduction - Making the Leap

Developer Skill Set Prerequisites

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Knowledge Prerequisites for This Course

This course is for an IT professional who spent some time working with general backend technologies. It is assumed that the learner has a grasp of the following:

  • Computer Operating System concepts: CPU, Memory, Ports, File System and I/O
  • Communication Protocols: TCP, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Terminal, Console, Command Line Shell, User, Group, Environment Variables
  • Program structure and components: variables, statements, functions, objects
  • Program runtime: launch, input, output, logging, daemon mode
  • JSON and YAML formats
  • Database: tables, columns, rows, indexes, data load and extract operations
  • Standard software packaging, versioning and distribution

If you know the above, this course will make you productive in modern backend development in a matter of hours - by placing the clear and focused "explanation stones" precisely along the path for you to follow.

No deviations, so start your timer and begin learning now!

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