Project JavaScript Code Base Components

Use Case and Project Components

Project JavaScript Code Base Components

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Structure of the JS Code Base

server.js that is located in the root code folder src/ is the entry point into the application.

All other code components are placed into designated sub-folders, except for schema.js, which is used by the GraphQL engine. You can also see schema.graphql file in the src/ folder. This is generated by manually executing scripts/updateSchema.js. It is used to share the schema definition with GraphQL clients - we'll talk about this more in the "GraphQL Data API" chapter.

Demo Project JS Code Folders

  • src/config - initiates the runtime configuration with values coming from the OS Environment and .env file, or assigns hardcoded defaults. The folder also contains sample SSH key files to handle the JWT security - an optional feature commended out in the demo. JWT is explained in the "Running NodeJS" chapter
  • src/data-seed - code and sample source YAML files to pre-load the database with test data
  • src/db-handlers and src/db-models - the data layer, hardcoded for the use of MongoDB via the mongoose package; reviewed in details in the "MongoDB Datastore" chapter. Isolating the data layer into a separate set of objects is a common design strategy - helps switching to a different database if needed, by replacing only the data layer components
  • src/http-middleware - term middleware is widely used in JS/web development and can be applied to any program layer that handles any kind of transformation flow or process (or anything at all). http-middleware component runs the flow from the http request coming in to the point where the "controller"-like logic (business rules) takes over
  • src/paging-processor - this is the code that enables navigation through datasets via "paging" request, like "extract next n elements after element x" or "last n before x", etc. The code links together GraphQL and MongoDB processes to get the result (so, it is a "middleware")
  • src/relay... folders - facilitate data handling per GraphQL standards. Discussed in great details in the "GraphQL Data API" chapter
  • src/utils - miscellaneous code objects, including logger.js

A developer familiar with the MVC design would be wondering - where are the Models, Views and Controllers? They are kind of embedded in the GraphQL core. Will talk about it more in the "GraphQL Data API" chapter.

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