Variadic Functions

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Variadic Functions

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How to Use Variadic Functions

What are varaidics and why do they exist?

Variadics exist because sometimes we want to take 0 or more arguments in a function. Imagine a string concatenation function, you would like the caller to easily be able to call your function with the strings that they want concatenated!

package main
            import (
            func main() {
                // Example invocation of a variadic with some string literals
                fmt.Println(exampleVariadic("This", "Will", "Accept", "However", "Many", "Args", "We", "Pass"))
                // Example invocation of a variadic without any args (this is totally valid)
            // This syntax is used to define a simple variadic
            // NB: If you wanted to require at least one arg, then you could define it as:
            //     func exampleVariadic(firstArg string, extraArgs... string)
            func exampleVariadic(args... string) []string {
                return args
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