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Usually called mockups or prototypes, they are wireframes with interactions that transmit concepts and how it works. It helps to understand what is next to the action the user is going to take (i.e. a link or button that opens a lightbox).

Sometimes also created with end designs, they are useful to show user flow to customers, stakeholders or even for user testing. Remember you can do it also with wireframes on early stages, to detect improvement areas.

Some tools for Prototype and wireframe creation…


There are several tools to design. Some of them are free but most are not free(you have to pay for them).
Here is a list of resources you can check and choose the one that fits better with your needs and experience. Some to download and some to use online…

  1. SketchApp. Most used software (and best IMHO) to create interfaces. It is useful to create both designs and wireframes. It allows you to generate patterns and use them the way you want.
  2. Axure. Mostly know as prototyping software. Useful to create functional (working) prototypes or mockups without coding. It allows you to create animations and share them easily.
  3. Invision. Powerful tool for interactive prototipes
  4. Justinmind. Another prototyping tool
  5. is a popular web/app that allows you to create wireframes easily online. Worth trying it…
  6. Mockups is another online prototyping tool. Easy and simple.
  7. Xperience Design. Adobe's prottiping tool
  8. Regular tools as Keynote, PowerPoint or any other tool that lets you represent an interface and transmit real structure with content.

Note you can also use design software such as Photoshop, illustrator or others, but it is recommended to use a Wireframing tool in order to avoid complex software programs and focus on what you need to transmit.

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