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Specifications are side-notes and information we add into a drawing sketch, wireframe or prototype about the characteristics of a project. It's one of the strongest part of design process.
They explain how a design should work, ideas and information about our design and the values it brings to the project.

On specifications we need to transmit the major intents of what we are projecting within the interface or system, and we need to transmit 3 major concepts.
* How it works (what it does) - What is the general working model
* What is supposed to do (how it does) - What is the objective to achieve with the previous point
* What is the intent (what is supposed to achieve) - A general view of the interface goal we need to achieve and the relationship with its major intent.

What do you need to specify?
Actually every piece of interface you need to control and transmit information to someone else. Usually this is to developers or designers. As Ux-er, you need to transmit all the knowledge you are accumulating into a project, and specifications is the way to do so.

"Every piece of interface which is not correctly specified, is an open door you leave to free interpretation"

E.g. Slideshows, menus and dropdowns, hidden content, motion (how should it be, timeframes, etc.), lightbox and emerging elements, and all interactive elements you need to keep in a certain way. If you do not transmit this information, it will be lost or not taken into account, unless you specify it.

A good way to understand specifications is checking the different guidelines we can find online. You can find really useful information there…

Next steps: Development

Once we finished designing and documenting the project, is time for development team. They will get all the document and designs you (or the team)have been creating. They need to assume all the information in order to understand the intent and make everything work in the way it has been thought.

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