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Understanding strategy

One of the most important things we need to do in order to face a UX project is to understand the context of the project. What kind of company we are working with, who is involved?

This is the most important thing we need to understand about a project.
As Jesse James Garret states in his famous book, The Elements of User Experience, the most common reason why most projects fail is that nobody ever bothered to ask some very basic questions…

* What do we want to get out of this product?
* What do our users want to get out of it? 

To understand a product strategy we need to know and understand the different parts that act into the project:

* *The company & Stakeholders*: What are their objectives?
* *Users*: What are their needs?
* *Context*: What is happening in the market?

In UX strategy, it's important to define iteration points so you can understand how the project is doing.
Iteration could happen in different ways. One could be with company stakeholders or project managers. Another iteration point can be with users. Both are equally important and they happen in different stages.

* *Iteration with stakeholders* is usually done by meeting different stakeholders or project managers, checking with them the progress and direction the project is taking regarding business goals and company needs. Specially on first stages is extremely important to iterate and define a common framework. 

* *Iteration with end users* instead refers to user testing or validation. It happens to understand if the idea, concept or interface fits to their needs. Specially once we define the first layout and interface concept, we can start asking users to see if the concept or interface elements are understood.
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