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One of the most important things you need to do before you start planning your project is to talk to different stakeholders to get valuable information in order to take the right decision.

Each stakeholder has different objectives and responsibility, according to their roles and tasks. At this point it is extremely important to understand where you can get the information from and who can help you in different contexts.

This valuable information is how company knowledge is spread across different people working into the company or organization. Each one has a different point of view, even if all of them are targeting the same objectives and goals.

i.e. Getting content for different sections (writing texts, finding the right pictures, etc.) or even to understand the next steps the company is going to take. All this information is relevant. You should know about the past, present and future of the company, and what the direction is taking. This kind of information is extremely relevant and will help you generate a better strategy for your project, and how to move within the company or organization.

Product Objectives

Once we understand who is in charge of what, we can start asking the right questions.
This information should be coming from inside the company.

Company stakeholders should help you understand what objectives they are following. This information is fundamental to capture company vision and generate a good product UX strategy.

Note, sometimes companies do not have a clear idea or a unified idea about the product objectives.

Within this information you should find product limitations, possibilities, available resources, etc.

To answer the question What do we want to get from this product?
We need to understand…
* The elements that make it different (Recognition, easy promotion, large user base, etc.)
* The positive points (A huge catalog, big a amount of information, belongs to Amazon, etc.)
* Negative points and weakness (Belongs to Amazon, low mobility, etc. )

Company goals

There are major goals the project aims to achieve, what the company is trying to get from it. Company goals allows you to understand if you are achieving the objectives.

To measure objectives and goals is good to use metrics, measuring if users achieve assigned objectives and the time they spend to do so. Once we have a vision of past and present, we can measure and compare.


Interesting tools to capture information from stakeholders about objectives and goals; you can use these tools or the ones you prefer. These ones actually work.

* Product canvas to capture information from differnet stakeholders -
* Lean UX canvas -
* Leaner UX canvas -
* Stakeholders interview checklist -
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