The context


The context

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Understanding the context

On a User experience project is extremely important to understand the environment where the project is located. How external elements affect it and what we can do to solve the possible problems coming from it.

Social/Cultural/Economic factors
Every culture has it's own context. In a connected world it is important to understand that each country, culture, religion or region has it's own needs, different from other user needs that could turn the difference into a project.

Market/competence factors
Once we focus on the market, we need to understand 3 key points:
Competitors, Differentiators and Good practices.

Understanding Competitors is key to visualize how the product will fit into the market. Know what they are doing, what they are strong at, how they are treating the product and addressing the market. All those elements are fundamental to understand our key competitors.
The technique to understand it is a well know benchmark analysis of the key competitors activity and good practices around the functionalities we are planning.

The differentiators are the things that makes us different from others. Where our value proposition needs to be better than the others, how we can we highlight it in the market, telling the story, etc.

Good practices help us to learn from the market, even from different markets, and adapt them if necessary, learn from them and improve our product… not only from our action area or theme, but from the whole internet.

NOTE: Recommended to keep a document with all discoveries you make, organized by theme. This will save time when you need to revise all documentation, generate deliverables or review some good ideas or findings.

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