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After we know about company objectives and its context, we need to start thinking about people, its users. We need to understand who they are, research about them, ask questions and analize their behavior.

To do so, we need to define our audience moving from a big mass into a manageable chunk, dividing our audience into smaller groups.

User segmentation

User segmentation could happen on different ways, with users with certain key characteristics in common. They could be…

Demographic criteria: gender, age, education level, marital status, income, and so on. Can be general (men 18–49) or very specific (unmarried, college-educated women 25–34, making over $50,000 a year)

Psychographic profiles describe the attitudes and perceptions that your users have about the world or about the subject matter of your site in particular. i.e. I like reading, playing footbal, natural living, etc.

Consider also… Technological knowledge, skills, frequency of use, patterns, computer usage at work, like or not, etc.

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