Design process


Design process

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UX design process

UX design is a process where the objective is to understand and control the different elements and factors acting into a design process. The understanding of those elements gives us control about the whole process and help us design better products that fit with our users, markets or company goals.

The process could be used and organized in many different ways.
We think that most practical way is how it is practiced, and how real projects are done.

1. *Discover* and understand project key features, user needs and contextual elements
1. *Organize* all the information, prioritize, start giving shape
1. *Design* the product with all information you discover and organized.

The stages of UX design:

By following the UX design process we gain focus and control over each phase and ensure that all elements that take part are taken into consideration.

Good and bad practices
One of the most common mistakes designers repeat is to mix the different design phases in order to start thinking about the next phase before the current one is finished.

This shouldn't be a critical problem unless we start merging differnet phases and reducing the attention from a phase and give attention into another one. To avoid this problem is extremelly important you to understand the time and effort you need to use on each step, separatelly, and avoiding to mix with next or previous steps.

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