Interaction design


Interaction design

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Interaction design

Interaction design is the dialog between the user and interface, and the responses the interface gives the user. Every time the user takes an action the interface responds with a reaction, sometimes a color change, some others a movement of some content.

Users need to understand what is going on, understand what hides the action they are to take and the consequences of it.

It is really important to understand that sometimes things that are obvious for us are not obvious for users. And as designers we need to assume that.

To make this relationship between user and interface successful we need to understand and control some elements that make users life easier and help them control the environment.

Some useful tips…

  • Consistency is a must.
  • Design Engagement experiences by covering user interests and surprise them with simple solutions
  • Group functions based on their use and objectives, thinking on user's needs.
  • Offer Control by giving Trust and allowing Explorability
  • Detect errors, prevent users from making them and help users achieve their objectives by recovering from those errors.
  • Offer enough affordance. Show clearly active areas, showing users where they can click, where they can move and how.
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