Interaction model


Interaction model

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Interaction model

Once we have defined and organized all the information, we need to go on and start understanding the different parts of the interface, product or service we are going to design.

We need to imagine how it works, what do we need to highlight and the volume of those elements to drive users into a easy to understand environment. We need to understan the interaction model.

What is an interaction model?

An interaction model is a relationship among user actions and cognitive processes. It is the way an application, web or interface is created to give support to the conceptual model of its target users.

It makes the interaction easy and consistent with users knowledge and habits and explains how or why a particular task is mentally difficult.

Jim Nietel defines a interaction model as… how all of the objects and actions that are part of an application interrelate, in ways that mirror and support real-life user interactions. It ensures that users always stay oriented and understand how to move from place to place to find information or perform tasks. It provides a common vision for an application. It enables designers, developers, and stakeholders to understand and explain how users move from objects to actions within a system.
Defining the right interaction model is a foundational requirement for any digital system and contributes to a cohesive, overall UX architecture.


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