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Your Journey with Go

Google's Go Programming language (often called GoLang for clarity), is one of today's fastest-growing languages and has one of the highest developer satisifaction ratings in the industry -- Go developers love coding in Go!

Combined with Docker, it creates an expressive, portable, and scalable foundation for building production web services -- and that's what we're going to get a quick introduction to in this course!


Prior to starting this course, you should have:

  • Basic understanding of what Go, REST APIs, JSON, and Docker are (as well as their use-cases)

  • Familiarity with a C++ or Java-like programming language (this will make reading Go pretty easy for you)

  • Basic POSIX shell/bash familiarity (i.e., you know what cd, mkdir, et al. do)

  • Go installed from official Go site. These demos use Go 1.11.2, however, any recent Go 1.X.X version should work

  • Go dep package manager installed from official Go project

  • Docker installed via docker site. These demos use docker 18.06.1-ce, but any recent installation should work just fine

  • Docker compose installed if you didn't get it as part of your initial docker install from here. Note that this might come separately on some Docker installations

Reference Full Code

For reference (or lazy typists!) you may find the full reference source of this project on GitHub here.

Ready to Build a Scalable Web Service with Docker and Go?!

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