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Try Endpoint

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Check out our endpoints!

Now that our server is up and running on port 3333, it's time to check out our two endpoints:

  1. [GET] /v1: Should always return success and empty response

  2. [GET] /v1/gophers (Secured by apiKey=insecure): Should return our list of gophers, with optional limit and offset query params for pagination

Via browser

  1. By loading http://localhost:3333/v1 in your browser, you should see the following:
{"message":"Server healthy","success":true,"data":null}
  1. By loading http://localhost:3333/v1/gophers?apiKey=insecure in your browser, you should see the following:
{"message":"Successfully queried gophers","success":true,"data":{"gophers":[{"id":1,"fullName":"Sasha Varlamov","headline":"CEO @EXLskills","avatarUrl":""},{"id":2,"fullName":"Elliott Saslow","headline":"Python @EXLskills","avatarUrl":""},{"id":3,"fullName":"Keenan Olsen","headline":"SQL @EXLskills","avatarUrl":""}]}}


We have now built a working scalable web service that generally adheres to Go, REST, and Docker best practices! 🎉

To learn more

Please check out our Go x Docker Scalable Web Services guided project that offers an in-depth dive into building idiomatic, secure, and maitainable services with Go and Docker here.

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