Advanced Skills to Learn to Become an Ace Front End Developer

Advanced Skills to Learn to Become an Ace Front End Developer Course

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This is the EXLskills free and open-source course Advanced Skills to Learn to Become an Ace Front End Developer.
Front End Development is becoming more and more complex and technologically challenging area. Still, the field is often thought of as a low-tech, look-and-feel focused, tedious routine coding exercise. You can't become a top Front Developer anymore if all you know is the basic syntax of HTML, CSS and JS. You must identify and learn advanced professional skills to maintain and excel your career in Front End Development
Read on and you'll understand what challenges a modern Front End Developer must overcome and which skills must be learned to do so successfully.

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What is Special About Front End Development

The Base Front End Development Skillset

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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, React, GraphQL – Is That What Front End Development Is About?

Have you heard that Front End Development is an easy field to get into, that
doesn’t require much knowledge of software development principles and methods? A
field where a few basic and easy to learn technologies cover the entire scope of
work? Where tasks are more about making things look pretty than writing real
software? Where are you developing applications by picking a base that someone
has already put together and then adjusting a few ordinary things? The area that
serious developers look down on and don’t want to be dealing with?

Yes, you can probably still get a job today developing Front End if all you know
about software is a few terms, comfortable writing lists of properties and
simple scripts, being hands-on with a couple of tools (that are conveniently
right in the browser) and familiar with a popular framework you can assemble
blocks in, given a working base. But not for long, though – the field is
evolving at a high speed, and real and complex software pushes away the mediocre
and primitive base that web applications used to be written on just a few years

If you want to become a Front End Developer or stay competitive in the field you
have already been in for some time – you must learn advanced skills, those well
beyond the nomenclature popular amongst in-browser developers and at a much
deeper level than what you can gain from reading Getting Started and Commands
Syntax manuals.

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