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Advanced Must Learn Skills

The Skills List

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The Advanced Concepts Modern Front End Developer Must Learn and Understand

Yes, every FE developer must know HTML, CSS, and JS – sure. But that is hardly
enough these days to really understand what’s going on in the fast-expanding
field of web applications development.

At the basic level, HTML/CSS/JS is all about the syntax. But just like learning
the alphabet and punctuation rules of a foreign human language doesn’t make you
a speaker in that language – similarly, it’s not the syntax that makes you a

The concepts that drive the modern FE development are strikingly the same that a
good BE developer must understand to implement solid server-side software:

  • SSL and session security

  • networking and client-server/browser-API communications

  • caching and memory management

  • multithreading and concurrency

  • common API formats

  • object-oriented programming

  • natural language processing

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