How To Be Seen

Front End Development Technology Challenges

How To Be Seen

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Search Engine Impact

If the multi-device paradigm doesn’t look like enough complexity to deal with in
FE development, here’s another one: the Search Engine impact. Lucky few FE
developers who work on internal or limited-audience applications don’t have to
worry about it, but for the rest of the industry, the Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) is an everyday concern.

Whether your target user base searches for web content via Google or other
search sites, including dedicated non-English language regional ones – the rules
of how the search engines rank websites and pages are not openly published so
that people wouldn’t focus on beating the rules vs. creating useful content. It
is generally assumed that the Search Engine bots do not execute JS supplied
with the page at all or do not execute it fully. They also don’t wait for slow
pages to load.

So much said about FE development being done for humans – do not forget the

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