The Not So Smart Smartphone

Front End Development Technology Challenges

The Not So Smart Smartphone

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Know Technology Limits of The Phone

There is a popular saying that a smartphone puts more computing power into
one’s pocket/purse than a blah-blah-something supercomputer of the past. This is
only partially true, and believing in this is a big danger for an FE developer.

In hardware technologies including the modern microchip – the computing power is
a derivative of the energy supplied to the device, most of which gets converted
into heat. It is not the lack of proper design that requires large industrial
computing equipment to be fed with a lot of power and cooled – it’s the laws of
physics. As the phone doesn’t have much power to burn and it’s not cooled – it
is not a supercomputer.

With the advanced multithreaded CPU design, a phone can do lots of things, but
it takes it much longer than a laptop to complete computations. Unlike the
cranked-up CPU speed of a device with a cooling fan and a power cord, phone’s
real over-time CPU speed is inherently limited by the heat control.

The phone network speed is another limitation, of course, but not as profound.
Over-the-air technologies are well in the range of what a general browsing
process requires.

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