Front End vs Other Software

What is Special About Front End Development

Front End vs Other Software

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What is Different About Front End Development vs. Other Software

Front End (FE) Development fundamentally stands out in the range of software
disciplines: it is focused on creating products that people can view/read/listen
to and interact with, whereas software, in general, isn’t meant for humans – it
is written for computers to run.

FE developers pride themselves on coding for users, not for machines. And some
FE developers conclude that since the purpose of their work is different, the
methods of how they work are different as well from those in the general
software discipline. In other words, FE developers think that they don't have to
be much concerned with the complexities that developers who code for machines
must deal with: software concepts, theories, principles, methodologies,
constraints. They are wrong. FE development is a much more complex software development area than many others. Let's see why.

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