The "Look and Feel" Mindset

What is Special About Front End Development

The "Look and Feel" Mindset

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The Product Must Look Good, Make Sense and be Easy to Use

The look and usability of a web application are surely critical. And it is the
job of a UI/UX designer to achieve those goals. Neither looks nor usability has
anything to do with the complexities of how a web application functions, though.
In the early days of the web, a designer was able to both draw and code the
application, using whatever primitive technology was available to implement it
in. Many current FE developers came from design-focused roles and are still
deeply rooted in UI/UX design vs. software implementation. Today, a designer
cannot code a mature application – it takes lots of professional software
knowledge to do so.

UI/UX is a difficult job: design trends and preferences change; the ease of use
is a relative concept and a moving target; technology constraints must be
understood and considered in every design decision. At the web application
software level, though, the stuff that the FE developer deals with, the
reflection of design is quite primitive: a grid with rows and columns that
objects are placed in, with controlled appearance, attributes, and actions. The
problems and complexities that a modern FE developer must overcome are not in
placing and coloring objects anymore – they are in the fundamentals of how to
build a well-functioning software application. Let’s dig deeper into the

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