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Which Technology Is The Best

Quest For The Best

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Which Technology is The Right One

The fact that there are different technologies available to implement web
applications is a good thing. The attempts to declare a particular technology
more superior than others – are not so good: they are misleading and unfair.
Just like with almost anything else in technology – the right solution is the
one which is right for the problem. Those propagating a particular web
technology often tend to silent discussions on which types of applications the
technology benefits the most vs. the types it should not be used for.

Here’s the importance of understanding by each individual FE developer how
exactly the technologies work – to be able to make an educated selection in a
particular case, with the resources available. Of course, technologies evolve
fast, and today’s considerations may not be so relevant tomorrow. However,
considering that the average production life expectancy of a new web app may not
be more than a couple of years, it seems like one can just flip a coin – the app
would be redesigned and reimplemented soon enough anyway. Well, there are very
legitimate technological considerations that can be and should be reviewed –
rather than following the hype of chasing after the most modern and fastest
growing tool one can locate.

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