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The Name Definition

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Is Front End Development Even The Right Name Still

Consider that Back End (BE) development work has been around since the software profession started forming some 60+ years ago, whereas FE development for browser-based technologies such as CSS and JS is considerably younger – just over 20. As
mentioned before, people with BE skills generally didn’t want to deal with
the tediousness of attributes and pixels and the ugliness of early JS, so the FE work
would be done by folks more inclined to produce visual objects than lines of dry
code. For years, both FE and BE groups were thriving reasonably well without
converging and even much communicating. The Full Stack (FS) developers were
rather products of small projects and small teams than a logically defined
merger of the skills to drive the proper solution. The FE/BE divide is not
unique in the industry, though. Similarly, Developers and System/Database
Administrators, Technology and Business, Software and Hardware divides are well
known. It is also well known that without proper communications and
collaboration across the skills and responsibilities the end product will be

There is a notion in the FE community that the BE skill is fading away and the
importance of the FE skill increases. Assuming that this is correct – it
reflects the commoditization of skills and services in the more established
sector of the industry (BE), but, of course, it doesn’t mean that the BE as a
technology disappears or its impact on the overall solution becomes less
important. It would be quite naive to think so.

Here’s an analogy from the automotive world: the rise of electric vehicles makes
the gasoline distribution infrastructure obsolete, doesn’t it? Scrap the
pipelines and gas stations: all you need is an electrical outlet to plug your
vehicle into to recharge. The missing point here is that the vehicle travel
enablement infrastructure would need to be drastically expanded, not
scraped, although, in a different form. You can’t take a spare canister of
electricity with you when going on a wilderness trip. Same with the web
applications – the progress in the FE technologies doesn’t make the BE obsolete,
it rather pushes the BE to evolve and progress further.

What the maturing of the browser and emergence of JS frameworks really mean is
that the traditional FE skill of drawing objects and calculating pixels is
transforming into a skill of implementing advanced software solutions for fairly
complex distributed environments, within the constraints of hardware systems and
under the impact of fast-evolving technologies, shifting priorities and targets.

Web Application Development sounds like a broader term to cover the growing FE
impact. For now, FE is still popular enough and widely used. A completely new
term on par with something like DevOps hasn’t appeared yet that would replace FE
once and forever.

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