How to Become a Software Developer

How to Become a Software Developer Course

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This is the EXLskills free and open-source course How to Become a Software Developer.
If you're a beginner inspired by a dream of becoming a Software Professional - this is a must-learn material for you. As you're crafting your plan, looking for guidance and advice - there is an overload of information, but you still don't feel like you have a clear picture and a well-lit path to where you want to be. You're getting overwhelmed with the ever-growing backlog of courses and technologies you think you must master before having a shot at landing a Software Professional job. And it feels like you're falling further behind vs. advancing forward.
How to navigate through these obstacles and achieve your goal of getting a first real Software job fast and, most importantly, launch and maintain an ascending professional career in technology - this is what the course is about.
Read on and start learning the secrets of success in the rewarding and exciting world of the Software Profession.

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Yes, this a 100% free course that you can contribute to on GitHub here!

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Propel Your Journey by the Dream, Navigate it by the Actuality

If You Want to Become a Software Professional, Start Acting Like One Now

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What do you see when reading employment ads for Software Professional jobs? Systems, languages, tools, years of experience, degree… Wrong.

Employers are looking for people who can deliver results: players who will score winning points in the next game, actors who will bring sellout crowds to the next movie, Software Professionals who will make the future of the organization they work for successful and thriving.

To become a successful Software Professional you need to get this very early in your journey: you’re out there to score wins for the team and deliver meaningful results for the business - not to accumulate experience, collect certifications or “continuously learn new things”. Secure this fundamental understanding, and it will guide you to success: if you want to become a Software Professional, you must start acting like one now.

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