Path 1: Go to College and Get a Computer Science Degree

Paths to Your First Software Job

Path 1: Go to College and Get a Computer Science Degree

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There are lots of discussions on the value of CS degrees. Let’s just say, a CS college gives you an access badge to internships and recent grads hiring campaigns. It will cost you tangible money and/or a few productive years of your life that you could’ve spent building something amazing instead of grinding through canned curriculums. Sure, you can work on projects while in college, and, after all, a few successful and well-known industry figures did attend CS programs, some even graduated.

Colleges have another huge, enormous selling point for a sizable portion of the worldwide population: they open all kinds of access to desirable visas and skill-based migration programs, which is great for the recipients as well as employers looking to attract fresh talent.

Have you heard/read/watched the famous first-day orientation phrase “Forget everything you learned in college”?

Going to College and getting a Computer Science (CS) degree is definitely a low risk but high investment of time and money path to your first Software Professional job.

We’ll leave the CS college topic at that for now.

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