Path 2: Learn the Skill and Prove Your Qualities

Paths to Your First Software Job

Path 2: Learn the Skill and Prove Your Qualities

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Storming into the field "on your own", wihout a formal degree and education is a

  • Chance-driven
  • With Various Levels of Time and Money Investment

path to your first Software Professional job.

You certainly know that throughout the years, scores of people entered the Software Profession without a CS education, and, surely, this fact fuels your desire to try and keep on trying.

Clearly, there is no guarantee that you’ll get hired following this path, and, don’t kid yourself, it still requires investing time and money. Well, time is money.

Following this path, you’ll have to push harder to get your first software job than if you were a CS college student, but you’ll work on your own plan and timeline - like a professional. The odds are pretty good if you do things right!

So, if you want to become a Software Professional, start acting like one.

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