Many Roles of the Software Profession

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Many Roles of the Software Profession

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Seeking an entry-level Software Developer position seems to be the most popular choice for inspired ones knocking on doors that lead to where Software is made and used. Keep in mind, though, that there are other professional roles in the Software Industry:

  • executives, entrepreneurs, development and project managers

  • sales, marketing

  • business analysts, data analysts (called data scientists these days)

  • technical writers, training, end-user/customer support

  • testing and QA, architects, designers, product managers

  • systems and network administrators, software security

  • consultants – a unique role that comprises all others, whatever’s needed to get paid work and succeed in it, client after client

Don't get confused by positions called engineer - that's another term for developer, mostly at software companies. Labels including words guru, ninja, growth, success, fellow, etc. fit into the roles above - ignore the labels, read the job description and requirements.

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