Industry Spread of Software Jobs

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Industry Spread of Software Jobs

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Big name hot software companies - just a subset of the many industries where Software Professional jobs are.

There are three general categories of Software jobs by the target work effort:

  • Business or scientific function support within an organization (“Internal IT”)

  • Software product development (“Vendor”)

  • External customers support via project or service delivery (“Consulting”)

And, of course, startups vs. established organizations.

Work in each category would evolve around similar software and technologies, but the day-to-day of the roles can be quite different: the size of the team, interaction with non-technical personnel and business processes, development and testing cycles, prevailing methodologies, etc.

Just like with switching roles, a technologist would commonly move between those industry categories once or more during his/her career. Keep in mind, a large company may have business in multiple categories - here you go with internal transfer opportunities: a benefit for those who like working for large organizations.

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