There is No Software Profession – There are Everchanging Sets of Skills

Things Software Professionals Know That You Need to Know

There is No Software Profession – There are Everchanging Sets of Skills

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You can’t pick a technology that would carry you through your entire Software Professional career or even a large part of it.

As the technology changes, you’ve got to work hard to stay afloat or you’ll be drowned by the wave of the new stuff coming in. Historically, often people with next-to-zero experience show better results in comprehending new systems than those who worked with seemingly similar systems for years before. How is this possible?

Reason One: Fierce Competition Everywhere

Look at the history: The Software Industry is extremely competitive.

On the employer side, companies, brands, systems, and technologies go through lifecycles and fade away. The lifespan for those that are Consumer market-focused is shorter than those catering to Businesses. Corporate cycles linger, and the inertia is considerable, but eventually, business-focused systems get recycled as well.

On the employee side, for-hire personnel is under constant wage pressure from emerging geography markets. Emerged markets soon get pressured by newly emerging ones, and the cycles go on.

Reason Two: The Next System is Radically Different from the Previous One

In your future professional career, you’ll find yourself designing and implementing each new system differently than the previous one. The same applies to the industry as a whole: something gets created, with a huge thought and effort put into it, and when it’s completed, the flaws become obvious and the path to improvement clear. The usual path is to start from scratch and do things essentially different from how they were done before. So, if you think you’ve mastered a skill, you’ll have to forget it and learn the next one from scratch.

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