Do Not Let Marketing Affect Your Professional Decisions

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Do Not Let Marketing Affect Your Professional Decisions

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Historically, the impact of marketing has been huge in the Software Industry. With tight competition and blurred differences between systems, choosing one over the others often becomes influenced by how much marketing push is behind it.

Sure, Software Selection in the professional environment is a multi-step, managed, and controlled process that consists of criteria definition, evaluation, prototyping, results comparison, etc. Various factors are taken into consideration, including development resources cost and availability, level of maturity, support, and required infrastructure. An often huge deciding factor: ease of transition from the existing production system to the new one. In the end, the decision is made by the management, and then you have the entire development team working with the system, tool, and framework selected. Everyone and their brother conduct surveys these days – the boxes are checked off and the results come out: how many managers picked a particular system, times the size of their teams, whoever answered the survey. Here we go with the tool popularity contest ranking. The results are discussed by various authors in their posts and blogs; talking about the trends is a proven way to gain readership.

There is nothing wrong with reading about the trends. Just keep in mind that the saying “Past performance is no guarantee of future results,” known from the Investment Industry, is even more brutal in the Software one: “Every system will fall from its peak.” So place your bets carefully.

Same goes for hot job openings. Changing jobs often is quite acceptable in the industry these days – as long as the pattern shows meaningful progress and improvement. But chasing after cooler technologies and higher salaries very soon becomes chasing your own tail. So, don’t quit what you do when something else moves to the top of ranking reports. Think through, prepare a transition, and take the right chance when you see it. When you’re in the industry – the chances will be coming by.

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