From Business to Technology: From What and Why To How

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From Business to Technology: From What and Why To How

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Software was created by people to serve specific needs. This is often sidelined in teaching software to newcomers – overloading them with information and details on how things are done but leaving the purpose of what the things accomplish and why they are done in the given way, up to the learners to figure out.

Just like going from business to technology in your decision-making process, you must be following the path from “what” and “why” to “how” in your learning (and teaching).

If you train yourself to understand the “what” and “why” of each system, program, component, approach, and style before starting to dig into details of “how” the subject of your learning does what it does – you’ll find most of the software stuff you learn to be quite simple, border-line primitive. The concepts used in software are for the most part logical, straightforward, and focused on simplification and optimization. KISS is by far the winning approach in good software.

From business to technology and from “what” and “why” to “how” – this is the Software Professional’s way.

The part that makes it hard for a newcomer is that software professionals do not talk about “what” and “why” in their day-to-day: once figured out, defined, and understood, the rest of the job is about the “how”. So coming from the outside of the system’s professional inner circle, to get up to speed you’ll need to find right learning materials, or ask right questions and get them answered, or do lots of digging through the sparse evidence you can find laying around.

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