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Getting Started with SQL

Your journey with SQL

Learning how to SQL is a long process that will be fairly difficult. By the end of this class, you will be able to understand SQL databases and create your own tables and databases. The course will cover the following topics.

1. Data Basics

1.1 What is Data?

1.2 What is a Database?

1.3 What is SQL?

2. Relational Databases

2.0 Tables Basics

2.1 Table Organization

2.2 Types of Tables

2.3 Selecting Data

2.4 Creating Tables

2.5 Inserting into Tables

3. Intermediate SQL

3.1 Querying Basics

3.2 Updating Records and Functions

3.3 Changing and Deleting Tables

3.4 Summary

4. Exam

Let's get started

Feel free to skip any units that you already know but there is important information that is included in all of the lectures, so it would be in your best interest to at least skim each one.

As well, we are running a live work sessions one on one with me the instructor! Feel free to book a time to talk or contact me directly through the instructor list page.

Good Luck!

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