Trees and Branches

Basic Git Commands

Trees and Branches

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Moving On to Trees

Now lets say that you want to jump onto a new part of your project, but do not want to mess up your in production working code.

In this case, you can create a branch that contains all the previous work as a template of sorts.

Reasons for using branches

  • Mess with your code base without worrying about creating errors in production version
  • Play with other open-source codebases without messing up the production version
  • Create a new checkpoint or template
  • Work on different parts of app in continuous fashion

Commands for branches

git branch 'name of branch'

This makes a new branch for you to work on.

git checkout 'branchname'

Allows you to go an use a different branch (think switching between branches)

git merge 'name of branch you want to merge'

This merges two branches so that they become one again.

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