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High level overview of Git (Version Control) and Github

In this course we will explore the basic understandings of the version control system Git and some basic commands to get started collaborating with others using Github!


1. Version Control Basics

1.1 What is Version Control?

1.2 What is Git?

1.3 What is Github?

1.4 Alternative Solutions

2. Basic Git Commands

1.1 Basic Commands

1.2 Branches

1.3 Merging

1.4 Moving and Copying Files

3. Example Workflow

1.1 Working with Others

1.2 Pull Request Workflow

1.3 Resources

1.4 EXAM

Feel free to skip any units that you already know but there is important information that is included in all of the lectures, so it would be in your best interest to at least skim each one.

As well, we are running a live work sessions one on one with me the instructor! Feel free to book a time to talk or contact me directly through the instructor list page.

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