Learn Python Essentials for Data Science

Learn Python Essentials for Data Science Course

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This is the EXLskills free and open-source Python Introduction Course. It guides learners via explanation, demonstration, and thorough practice, from no more than a basic understanding of Python, to a moderate level of essential coding proficiency.


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Yes, this a 100% free course that you can contribute to on GitHub here!

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Getting Started with Python

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Your journey with python

Learning how to code in python is a long process that will be fairly difficult. By the end of this class, you will be able to understand python code and create your own functions. The course will cover the following topics.

  1. Basic Python

    • 1.0 Variables
    • 1.1 Manipulating Variables
    • 1.2 Operators
    • Exam
  2. Logic

    • 2.0 Learning Booleans
    • 2.1 Complex python using if statements
    • Exam
  3. Functions

    • 3.0 Introduction to Functions
    • 3.1 Advanced Function Use
    • Exam
  4. Collections (Data Structures)

    • 4.0 Intro
    • 4.1 Tuples
    • 4.2 Sets
    • 4.3 Dictionaries
    • Exam
  5. Advanced Python

    • 5.0 List Comprehension
    • 5.1 Advanced Dictionary Uses
    • Exam
  6. Final Exam

Feel free to skip any units that you already know but there is important information that is included in all of the lectures, so it would be in your best interest to at least skim each one.

As well, we are running a live python course that is independent of this, but covers some of the same information. It is recommended that you at least skim some of this material before enrolling in the live class. The live class will be far more applicable and will get much further much faster.

Good Luck! Reach out to our help platform if you have any questions!

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