Multiple Statements

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Multiple Statements

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More than one conditional statement

You can put multiple conditions together in that statement.

Lets consider a situation where we want to go through all the numbers in a list and sum all the values that are between 4 and 7. For example is our list is: lst = [1,5,4,12,18,6] our result would be 5+4+6 = 15

Steps to a solution:

  1. Create sum = 0
  2. Iterate through list of numbers
  3. If the number > 3 and number < 7, add it to the sum


lst = [1,5,4,12,18,6] #Initialize the sum s = 0 #Iterate through all the numbers in the list for number in lst: #if the number meets our condition, add it to the sum if (number > 3) and (number < 7): s += number # Print out the sum after the loop print(s)

Or Statements

As well, instead of using and, we can use the or statement. Lets say you have a list of words, and you only want to print out the word if it is more than 5 characters long or it contains the letter s.

For example, if our list was: lst = ['hello', 'world', 'I', 'really','like','cats']

we would want to print out:


To do this we would implement the following code:

lst = ['hello', 'world', 'I', 'really','like','cats'] # Iterate through all the words for word in lst: # Add our condition (more than 3 letters or contains 's') if (len(word) > 5) or ('s' in word ): # If it met our condition, print the wordexit print(word)
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