Python Dictionary Check Membership

Applications of Python Dictionaries

Python Dictionary Check Membership

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How to Check Membership in Python

This card is going to be a little shorter, but the content is highly valuable.

In many cases you may want to know if your python dictionary contains a certain element, and based on if it contains the element change your action.

For example, assume I have a dictionary like the one in the last card:

  • fruits = {'banana':3,'apple':2, 'mango':1, 'kiwi':5}

And you could imagine that I want to check to see if the fruit 'strawberry' is in the dictionary. If it is, I want to assign it a add 2 to the current supply and if not, I want to initialize with a supply of 2.

The first part of this is checking to see if the dictionary contains 'Strawberry'.

We will do this using the following syntax:

  • 'strawberry' in fruits

This will return true or false, so we can create a conditional statement. Below is the implementation of this in python.

#Initialize the Dictionary fruits = {'banana':3,'apple':2, 'mango':1, 'kiwi':5} # Conditional statement if 'stawberry' in fruits: fruits['strawberry'] += 2 else: fruits['strawberry'] = 2 # Add a print statement print(fruit)
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