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Finally, we are going to take a look at how we can take a list of strings and joining them together in a single string. To start, here is the list that we will try to put back together with a space in between each word:


To join this, we will use the .join() method with a space.

word_list = ['Hello','world,','lets','take','this', 'list','and','make','it','into','a','string'] #Join with a space string = ' '.join(word_list) print(string)

This command goes through each word in the list and concatenates them together using a space. This code section prints:

"Hello world, lets take this list and make it into a string"

As well, we could join the words using any character (or no characters). For example, to join every word with a hyphen in between them the following code would be used:

word_list = ['Hello','world,','lets','take','this', 'list','and','make','it','into','a','string'] #Join with a hyphen string = '-'.join(word_list) print(string)

This gives us the string "Hello-world,-lets-take-this-list-and-make-it-into-a-string"

And finally to join with no character:

word_list = ['Hello','world,','lets','take','this', 'list','and','make','it','into','a','string'] #Join with no character string = ''.join(word_list) print(string)

Which gives us: "Helloworld,letstakethislistandmakeitintoastring"

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