Reversed and Sorted Python


Reversed and Sorted Python

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Reversed & Sorted

Here I am going to introduce two new functions in python that are incredibly useful.


Reversed takes a list and puts it into the opposite order. For example, if we have the string Hello World, lets learn how to reverse a list and we convert the string into a list that looks like:['Hello', 'World,', 'lets', 'learn', 'how', 'to', 'reverse', 'a', 'list'].

Now lets say that we want to reverse this list, below is the python code to reverse the list:

# Define our string string = "Hello World, lets learn how to reverse a list" # Split on spaces string = string.split(' ') # Reverse the string reversed_string = list(reversed(string)) print(reversed_string)

This code prints out our list backwards: ['list', 'a', 'reverse', 'to', 'how', 'learn', 'lets', 'World,', 'Hello']

The function reversed() also works on lists with numbers in it.


We also have a function called sorted. This seems very arbitrary for strings, but when working with numbers it can be incredibly useful.

#Create the list lst = [1,32,4,18,12,55,12,19] #Sort the list lst = list(sorted(lst)) # print out the sorted list print(lst)

This gives us back the sorted list: [1, 4, 12, 12, 18, 19, 32, 55]

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