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Legend and a grid

In addition to the title, and the axis labels, a grid will make your plot look much better, and if you are plotting multiple things you may want to label each one.

Take for example if you wanted to plot y = x and y = x^2. In this part of the course, I will show you how plot this and label each one. As well, I will show how to add a grid to your plots! Check out the IDE below for more information on this!

# Import out libraries import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np # Create the x and y vectors x = np.array(range(100)) y = x # Create another vector that we can plot y2 = x ** 2 # Make Plot #1 & add a label plt.plot(x, y, label='plot 1 y = x') # Make Plot #2 plt.plot(x, y2, label='plot 2 y = x**2') # Add a title plt.title(' Plot of y = x and y = x**2') # Add a xlabel plt.xlabel('x axis') # Add a ylabel plt.ylabel('y axis') # Add a grid (alpha is opacity, ls is line style) plt.grid(alpha = .4, ls = '--') # Add a legend with the labels that we used previously plt.legend() # Show the plot
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