Creating Vectors

Plotting Basics

Creating Vectors

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What are we going to plot?

To begin, we need some data that we can plot. The easiest of such is just a line where y = x. So to begin plotting we need to create a vector for y and vector for x.

I will do this with the following code:

x = list(range(100))
y = x

This will give me back 2 vectors. x which is [0,1,2,3,....,98,99,100] and y which is just a copy of that.

If for example, we wanted to plot y = x^2, we would use the library numpy and just square the entire vector!

# Import the numpy lib
import numpy as np

# Create a vector x which is a numpy array
x = np.array(range(100))
y = x**2

In the next slide, we will use these new vectors to create our very first plots!!

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