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Screen more candidates faster! Reduce your average time per hire instantly with EXLskills Live Coding Interviews!

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Coders love to code. Live coding interviews make your company more attractive to top-notch talent!

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Use a tool that gets the job done every time. EXLskills is built for global reliability and performance!

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Instant Code Execution

Run code in seconds during your live interview, without any configuration time! You can switch between languages freely during the interview, and your code gets executed in sandboxed docker containers, so you’re guaranteed consistent and predictable results every time.

Comprehensive In-browser Terminal

Each interview you conduct gets its own persistent live terminal that tracks the output of your code, language changes, and all other important events in your interview. The terminal is also synced in real-time across each participants’ screen, so you are all always on the same page!

Over a Dozen Languages Supported (More Coming Soon!)

Want to test your candidates on their "bash-foo" and Java skills in the same interview? EXLskills has you covered with solid support for a wide array of languages, and we’re always adding more pre-installed libraries and languages to ensure that whatever your interview requires, we’ve got it available! If you would like to request a language or a library, please contact our friendly support team via the web chat and we’ll put it on the list!

Low-latency Collaborative Editing

Edit in real-time with no more than the equivalent of a 3G internet connection. Do you have candidates and interviewers with slow or low-bandwidth internet connections? EXLskills has you covered! You can also adjust audio/video quality settings to ensure an enjoyable experience regardless of your internet speed!

Dial-in Access

Want to patch-in your colleague who’s away from their desk to listen in? Click to get the interview’s live call-in numbers and share them with your coworkers, all for free!

Persistent Interviewer Notes

As an interviewer, keep a record of your thoughts and comments in a private ‘Interviewer Notes’ pad that is confidentially auto-saved for use in your selection process. When using EXLskills with multiple interviewers, each interviewer gets live access to the central notes pad for that interview, enabling seamless collaboration and review.

Built-in Calling, Video, and Screensharing

No need to share Skype IDs or extra video conference links, with EXLskills full video conferencing support built-in to your coding interviews! Everything, from live audio and video, to screen sharing is fully-supported directly from the browser (or the integrated companion app on iPad/tablet) so that you have a fast and easy interview experience! Never waste time during an interview troubleshooting your connection again!

Real-time Presence Status

Wondering who’s present and typing in your interview? EXLskills shows you all interview participants with their names and corresponding colors in the top left. As each participant types or highlights text, the live cursor turns to the corresponding color - making it easy to see who’s doing what!

Instant Help via Live Chat Support

Don’t wait for days to have your support questions answered! The EXLskills team is available live during business hours via the chat icon in the right-hand corner of the web site, so you get answers and help ASAP!

Team Interviews Made Easy

Want to test collaboration skills? Invite your group of candidates to an EXLskills interview, turn on the call, and watch them code away! You will see, in detail, exactly how they split up the work, test their code, and cooperate with each other while working on your coding challenge!

Setup Interview Rooms Ahead of Time

Planning an interview some time into the future? Create the interview room at any time and share the link with the candidate well in advance. The candidates will be able to familiarize themselves with the interface prior to the interview so that they hit the ground running when the interview starts!

Coding Interviews On-the-go

Ever dreamed of getting your interviews done on your iPad, Chromebook, or Windows 10S device? EXLskills supports all major tablet platforms, so you can conduct your live coding interviews anytime, anywhere.

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