EXLskills is a revolutionary digital skills learning platform - bringing you all premium content for no premium!

Yes, all courses are FREE.

There are no logins required to view any course content, or to participate in any practices or tests. Just click here and start your learning adventure!

How do we do this?

All courses are open source (under the Creative Commons license), community authored, and hosted on GitHub. They are all formatted in the EOCS (EXL Open Courseware Standard.) You can see all of the files that comprise the course as well as all of the source code any time!

Community authoring allows users to make updates to courses as necessary - which means content is always up-to-date!

With a paid subscription to our service you can take advantage of the industry professional instructors through the chat console. Get help at any time with any question from real experts!

Once you're confident in your skills - apply for a certificate! Once we verify your identity and qualifying test scores you undergo an instructor interview. Once all requirements are satisfied you have a verified certificate you can share with current and potential employers. With your permission they can also access course grades and instructor comments.