In a society driven by constant growth and change, the time has come to redefine tertiary education. The long-term commitment to obtain a degree is relatively fruitless, considering the time and effort required. Teachers are underpaid to teach an outdated, static, curriculum to an inordinate amount of students. This is not a sustainable method of learning relevant content. The standardization of learning processes curbs creativity and innovation at the door, and leads to hours spent memorizing irrelevant information.

For the past few decades there have been e-Learning tools available to try and bridge the gaps created by large populations, global presence, and new technologies. Unfortunately, the methods employed to teach and learn the material has remained constant. It is time for the process itself to change – and EXLskills does exactly that.

The revolutionary Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) that EXL Inc. has created allows the educational frontier’s dynamic to shift, from lecturing to tutoring, inspiring learning that is suited to any individual’s needs due to its one-on-one nature.

EXLskills is a state-of-the-art decentralized educational system. Instead of one (centralized) governing force setting requirements for learning methods, and mandatory standardized testing – both for students and instructors – students can learn with their preferences for subject and form in mind. Students with questions can get answers one-on-one from thought leaders in the industry. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach to learning, just a passion for it.

All courseware available on the site is free, and based on an open-source standard. It is developed on Github and supports imports from other systems. This means that these courses can be shared, or adapted, in any way as long as it is not for commercial purposes, credit is provided to the original licensor, modified content is declared, and the content is distributed under the same licenses as the original. This open source format also enables end-users to assist in authoring the courses they are learning though. People can update courses as needed to ensure that content is relevant and up-to-date.

Since all the premium content is freely available, what truly differentiates these course offerings are the premium experiences that may be accessed through a paid subscription. The ITS is AI-driven and quickly provides knowledge in an interactive and personalized way to users. Through the automated bot, Sage, users can connect with instructors one-on-one if they need further assistance, which is where the subscription requirement kicks in. This provides experts a place to market their skills and help others learn, while at the same time providing EXL Inc. data to use for automated answers. If answers provided by instructors are used in automation the instructors receive payment for their addition to the system.

This open market concept is reminiscent of apprenticeships. Those with a passion to learn a specific subject can connect directly with experts in the craft to have their questions answered. Once a student has mastered a topic they are able to request verified certification on the subject matter. Certifications are provided based on student verification, exam results, and a live instructor interview. These certifications can be verified by employers and detailed results including interviewer’s notes and test scores, with the student’s permission, can be requested for a fee.

EXLskills is the new way to gain professional career skills – directly from the professionals in the field.